SIB diagnostic framework

While the "social impact bonds" (SIB) movement is gathering momentum worldwide, limited consideration has been given to design specifications and the assessment of unique circumstances outside of the developed world. In setting up SIBs, the identification and prioritisation of social issues and target groups constitute a fundamental building block. Social problems are context-specific and complex, hence difficult to define and evolve along social interventions and other life circumstances. The delineation of an investment tool designed to tackle a social problem should examine the extent of social issue adequacy and problem-SIB fit. The framework, comprising four sets of sequential criteria, aims to assist policy-makers and other stakeholders interested in understanding the problem space and development challenges

SIBs diagnostic Framework

The diagnostic framework is divided into four diagnostic categories: problem-solution scope, political-regulatory environment, stakeholder involvement, and social entrepreneurs. Each of these is disaggregated into three subcategories. In operational terms, the framework comprising four sets of sequential criteria, should be seen and used from the inside-out, meaning that feasibility increases as conditions are met from the centre to the periphery. 

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