Social investment policy.

The Potential for Social Impact Bonds in Chile? Exploring New Avenues for the Social Enterprise Sector

Social entrepreneurship has grown exponentially in Chile in recent years. Despite this, our recent study draws our attention to four key challenges facing the sector: investment, business models and growth, impact measurement, and collaboration. This report will unpack those four challenges in more detail and position SIBs as a potential new approach for tackling them. 

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Social impact bonds diagnostic framework

Social Impact Bonds have emerged as a new tool for funding social interventions, growing exponentially in interest in recent years. Our diagnostic framework for emerging economies is designed to assess the extent of social issue adequacy and problem-SIB fit and facilitate and stimulate social entrepreneurship. 

Social entrepreneurship in Chile 2016

The research into the Structure and Dynamics of Social Entrepreneurship in Chile has made an in-depth exploration of the key processes and mechanisms through which social enterprises and socially-oriented start-ups create inclusion and social innovation, as well as the contexts in which social enterprises thrive.